Adulting is staying seated within 3 grey walls with 6×6 parameters and pretending to be riveted by a social services webinar. Don’t get me wrong. I like working in social services. I like the disadvantaged. It gives me gainful employment while allowing me the opportunity to smugly pat myself on the back. I am clearly a good person. However, the presentation leaves much to be desired. Less is more. Every slide does not need a touching anecdote. It is almost one step away from an ASPCA commercial. Minus Sarah McLachlan. 

*Bathroom Break* 

Ok I’m back. I stayed in my stall until the water cooler lady left. I owe her like 4 months of water dues. Popping 3 Advil with my stolen water as it is the SAME woman talking in the webinar as when I left. Or maybe they all sound the same?? 

Yes!! It’s over. Now back to Excel spreadsheets.  Is it 5 o’clock yet?? Shit. No, it’s not. 


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