My last poem – right before the break up – isn’t love sweet??

Like a casket lowered into the ground

My heart envelopes itself into a cave

I am fearful and faceless waiting to be found

I feel left behind like an orphan of war

Even though my love is not so far.

How can he be so endlessly brave

While I shiver and then inevitably shatter

My pieces fade away into trivial matter

Blown away by sadness

I drink myself into a madness

The self crafted torture stays till daybreak

I realize that I see only lies in a bottle.

A false love that renders me bloodshot and awake

My cave feels empty instead of full.

After a dead slumber I wake up to headache

And the morning mirror greets a fool.

Time passes and afternoon ushers in an epiphany

I discern that some solitude is inevitable

I find my face and my love for me.


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